Member’s Rights and Responsibilites



1. All financial members of the branch are entitled to a copy of the Branch Constitution and Bylaws upon request, to the captain of your section.
2. Shooting hours at the complex are strictly 9:00am (0900 hours) to 6:00pm (1800 hours). These times apply 7 days a week, unless otherwise authorised.
3. Club Support of Firearms is a privilege, not a right, and is governed by Bylaws and the Firearms Act and Regulations. If you dispose of a Firearm supported by this Branch, you must notify the Secretary.
4. It is the responsibility of all members to acquaint themselves with all club rules, and to abide by those rules.
5. The use of the range, on any day, for any other reason than a programmed shoot, must be booked with the Range Liaison Officer, at least 24 hours in advance. This includes working bees.
6. The issuing of Range Master Keys to members is a privilege, not a right. Any infringements of the rules may result in that key being removed from the offending member.
7. As the complex is within a ‘Priority 2: Water Catchment Area’, littering or pollution of any description is unacceptable. Please keep the complex tidy and clean.
8. Speeding or dangerous driving on the access road and any other part of the complex is forbidden. Members must obey the speed signs. It is 30 km/h on the main track in, and 10km/h after that – as per the speed sign leading down to the F/R and Benchrest range/facility. Any infringements will result in disciplinary action.
9. Safety on all ranges is of paramount and complete importance. It is your responsibility to acquaint yourself with Section Rules of any range you use, and to identify the relevant Range Officers on those ranges, as well as follow and respect their instructions.
10. All members are required to act, at all times, in a courteous and sporting manner to their fellow members, as well as visitors. What we are all about is the sport, and enjoyment of it.
11. Wildfire Emergency Procedures: In the eventuality of a Wild Fire in the surrounding State Forest, the following procedures apply. If a fire is approaching from the North, East or West, escape is via the entrance / access road and onto Jarrahdale Road. If a fire is approaching from the South, no attempt to escape should be made. Refuge, in safety and as approved by DEC, is the Clubhouse Car park, where there is ample “Fire Fuel Free Zone “.
12. Please Note: The Club will not be held responsible in any way for any damage to personal items such as clothing, footwear or jewellery etc of any description whilst a member is on the Complex for any reason. It is the member’s responsibility to attire themselves appropriately for the occasion.
13. Hearing and Eye protection: It is highly recommended that all members and visitors wear Eye Protection of some description whilst outdoors. It is essential that “both” Eye and Hearing protection be worn whilst on any Firing Line. The Club will not be held responsible for any injuries as a result of non – compliance.