Membership Portal

Please take the time to carefully read all information provided below as it is necessary to complete your application correctly. 

Jarrahdale Sporting Shooters is pleased to announce that Membership Applications can now be lodged online and paid via bank transfer (EFT). It is not mandatory to complete your Membership Application online, and other methods of renewal are explained  below. Please note that Credit Card and other payment facilities (eg Paypal) are not available at this time for online payment.

RENEWALS: Members who are renewing their membership with the Club have the option to either submit online or manually. All fees must be paid by the 31st of December of each year. Submissions received after the close date will be considered late and the lapsed membership nomination fee will be incurred. If there is a case of genuine hardship, you must contact the Treasurer/Membership Officer before the close date to organise a payment plan/arrangement. Please ensure you have your Membership Identification Number, which is provided on your Membership Card, to submit your application.

NEW MEMBERS: New Members have the option to either submit online or manually. Please ensure you have your Sectional Authorisation Code to submit your application. This is available from the Captain or Vice Captain of a section.

ONLINE LODGEMENT: If you are a new/renewal member wishing renewing online, please complete the electronic form below. This is to be completed (in full). You must then transfer the total due funds to the Jarrahdale Sporting Shooters bank account as described on your Renewal Notice Note: you must use your appropriate Payment Reference code. Failure to remit within 48 hours (2 days) of submitting your application may mean that your application will not be processed, and will be deleted from the system. This will require you to submit again. As per the JSS Constitution Bylaws, Section 2, refunds will not be made for applications with errors. Please click here to complete an application online for electronic submission.

MANUAL LODGEMENT: If you are not renewing online, please print the form provided below. This is to be completed (in full) and mailed to the Membership Officer with full payment. The mailing address is provided below. Make all cheques/money orders payable to Jarrahdale Sporting Shooters Inc. As per the JSS Constitution Bylaws, Section 2, refunds will not be made for applications with errors. Click here to print an application for manual submission.

For manual lodgement, please mail the form and full payment to:

JSS Membership Officer/Treasurer

PO Box 123

MADDINGTON    WA    6989

Please contact the Membership Officer/Treasurer on 0409 118 146, or the relevant Section’s Captain/Vice Captain if you require any more information or assistance.